Discover How Your Admissions Processes Can Better Support Your Institution's Mission and Strategy

Join Mutara's CEO, Larry Grey's Webinar.

The steps involved in finding, qualifying, nurturing, and enrolling new students involves many systems and participants. How does an organization prevent themselves from falling into the admissions traps that are currently making headlines, while improving admissions results and setting students up for success?

In this session, Mutara’s CEO, Larry Grey will describe techniques to improve admissions results by:

  • Aligning your admissions process with your institution’s mission and strategy 
  • Defining the optimal experience for applicants through the attract-to-onboard journey 
  • Defining the optimal process across your internal groups through the attract-to-onboard journey 

We will also describe how information can be leveraged across your data sources (Marketing, CRM, Candidate Application, and SIS) to meet goals and improve results.


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