Learn How to Optimize Your Admissions Process

Shaping the Future Together. 

What's In The Workshop

Mutara's Admissions Journey Mapping Workshop is a 2-4 day engagement helping institutions better understand their recruiting and admissions journeys. During this time, attendees will learn how the admissions process can support their mission and strategy, while ensuring that there are adequate controls over the decision-making process. Utilizing information on the gaps that exist in the current process and the institutions' priorities in addressing them, Mutara will assist in the creation of a roadmap for optimal change for the institution.

Here is what

We Have to Offer:

1.) Pre-Visit Discovery

Preceding the session, we will:

  • Identify the Problem Space and Stakeholders
  • Review the Current State and Look for "the Why"
  • Evaluate Timing Requirements

2.) Onsight Working Sessions

During our 2-4 day engagement, we will discover:

  • What's Broken
  • Who This is Solving For
  • Ideas to Measure the Progress
  • The Solution Space

3.) Findings Report Review & Comments

Following the session, we will:

  • Propose a Timeline with Discrete Measured Outcomes
  • Iterate with the Stakeholders to Ensure that the Appropriate Progress is Being Met

Ultimately, this process will provide a roadmap to guide the institution toward the process changes and technologies that should be adopted or extended over time.


Together, we can design a roadmap for change that will support your institutions mission, strategy and goals.