Why did you name the company “Mutara?” 


When applied to businesses and organizations, this equates to continuous process improvement.  What works for one organization on one given day will not work for others – or even for the same organization at another point in time. 

As such, Business Software needs to empower organizations to meet their business goals.  It needs to be flexible.  To evolve and transform as the market or organization’s goals evolve and change.  To allow organizations to adopt a solution, keep what works, discard what doesn’t and iterate. 

In Spanish, Mutar perfectly encapsulates this – hence Mutara.  Plus, there’s also a very cool Star Trek reference. 

Are your products cloud or on-premise? 

Mutara is a cloud company.  When done right, cloud computing gives organizations unparalleled flexibility in terms of adoption.  You can realize benefits more quickly and with fewer resources Our technology infrastructure is scalable, secure, and gives our customers the control they need over product functionality and performance. 

What will your licensing model be? 

Customers will license our software via a SaaS model, based on the number of students handled by it. 

How will you protect the privacy of student/applicant data? 

Security and privacy are a core component of Mutara’s application infrastructure.  Prior to starting Mutara, the founders created the leading solution in use for protecting student data and supporting data privacy requirements.  We bring this expertise to our solutions to ensure that our customer’s data is protected.